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Johan Holds the Door Open

64876720While we haven't brought anyone in yet, there have been quite a few exits from Bolton already, though none as loud as Elmander's. It was rumoured and then announced before the last match of the season that not only would Elmander not be renewing his contract, but he has already agreed a deal with Turkish club Galatasray. The striker has not always had the best relations with the club or the fans, and there is certainly something sour about his exit. The Swede himself said "I didn't get something good from the club, so I didn't have to decide anything."

However, he's not all bitter: "I'm going to be a little bit sad because Owen Coyle changed my football career. He helped me find love again for football," which is nice I suppose. His time with Bolton was up and down, mostly down. I think I wish him the best of luck. I think. We will, of course, not be getting any money for our record signing as he, along with 3 others are out of contract. Jlloyd Samuel, Tamir Cohen, and Joey O'Brien will also not be returning to the club. Cohen is probably the only one we'll miss, he served as decent back up for when our starters inevitably get injured. Coyle said on our exiting players:

"I wish all the players who are departing the club all the very best. I want to thank them for their efforts and professionalism. Ultimately when these decisions come about they're made for footballing reasons."

His implication that he is not making any sentimental decisions will be brought into question with the recent renewal of Robbie Blake's contract. 35 is pretty old for a striker, and this one appears to be quite far over the hill. As far as anyone can tell, he's just being kept on to keep that bench warm and take the occasional stroll on the pitch.

Speaking of over the hill, Gavin McCann made the decision to retire, which makes sense after spending 16 months out injured at age 33. However, he's not leaving the club, he will be taking an assistant coach role in the Bolton Academy. He's already got some certifications, and this seems to be a logical step.

Lastly, comes our loan players. Unfortunately our wonder boy Danny Sturridge has gone back to Chelsea, which is unsurprising. I hope this goes the way Jack Wilshere's return went, and then he gets lots of first team action next season. Danny said: "I found working with Coyle very, very special because he's done a lot for me as an individual. He's helped me to become a better player and to have more confidence in myself." Best of luck to him! Rodrigo has also returned to his home club of Benefica and Al Habsi has returned to us. After all of these exits, I'm ready for some signings!