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Cahill to City?

cahill tevezI came to terms with the fact that dear Gary Cahill is leaving us ages ago. I’ve even found it in me to be happy for him, He’s only 25 and has a lot of game in him. After watching him every week, I think he has the talent to be a regular for England (not that that takes much these days, ahem). With a bigger club will come a bigger reputation, and hopefully more recognition.I have high hopes for Cahill, and I hope that he remembers his time with Bolton fondly. But please Lord, don’t let him go to City.

At this point it is mostly rumours, but they are from mostly reputable sources. It's said that City are willing to offer between £15-20million plus Nedum Onuoha and Dedryck Boyata. The offer of cash and players will be appealing to Coyle, as the squad is still looking threadbare. Both are relatively young and Onuoha can play right back, a rather weak position in our squad. It is certainly a good deal for Cahill, and definitely more than he is worth, but City are reportedly trying to outbid Manchester United, Liverpool, and Arsenal. But I just don't like City. They seem soulless and money grubbing and a bad atmosphere. And we should not forget what happened to Joleon Lescott, who looked rather good before selling his soul to City, and now is just a gross Klingon. Wherever Cahill ends up, I wish him luck and I hope he brings us a pretty penny.