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Black & Yellow

Our home kit has a love/hate relationship with it. Mostly hate though. I will admit that it didn’t look nearly as bad on the pitch as it did in press photos. Ever since the home shirt was launched, us Bolton fans had hoped for some sort of reprieve for our eyes in the form of a good looking away kit.

There were plenty of rumors of a black (our last one in 2007 was fab) or yellow (our last one in 2008 was not) away kit, both of which we had high hopes for. Sunday morning gave us a leaked photo of what looks to be the 2011/2012 BWFC away shirt. Cue the Wiz Khalifa song, folks, it’s black & yellow.

The shirt is based on the same template as the home kit but looks much, much better. Not sure how I feel about the yellow badge, white would have done nicely, but it could be worse. At the end of the day, it looks to be the best shirt that Bolton have had since Nic Anelka played for us.

Maybe Chungy won't look miserable in the photo shoot for this one.