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Owen's Shopping List: Strikers

parkchuyoungkoreaThis past season has made it blindingly obvious that we need some new strikers. Danny Sturridge isn't coming back, our record signing has left for nothing, and I wouldn't be shocked if Robbie Blake had to use a walker to get to the box next appearance he makes. So when I saw the story today that Coyle is looking at not one, but two whole strikers (with two kidneys each, presumably), I was pleased. I don't like writing about rumours much, but maybe if I write about it, it will come to pass.

The first man in Coyle's gaze is Park Chu-Young, captain of South Korea, and a striker for freshly relegated French side, AS Monaco. He was also Chung-Yong's teammate at FC Seoul. While my knowledge of Ligue 1 is limited, Chu-Young looked good for his country in the World Cup last summer, in spite of scoring an own goal in a 4-1 defeat to Argentina in the group stages. His price tag is said to be in the £5mil range, however Monaco are not in the best bargaining position given the fact that they've just been relegated. He's definitely a promising target, and at 25, he could still hit his prime. Snap him up Coyle!

The second man is a certain Tiago Targino of Vitoria Guimaraes, who I honestly know next to nothing about. He's 24, has made 2 appearance for Portugal U21s, and doesn't exactly have a prolific scoring rate. I supposed in Owen we must trust on this one, as I can't really comment. Fingers crossed one of these actually goes through.