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Owen Coyle Set to Star in the Masters

64267438We all know he secretly still wants to play. That's why he kits up every match instead of donning a suit. That's why all his players talk about how he "gets involved" in training. That's obviously why he started himself in a friendly last November, even managing to score a goal. Well, the 44 year old isn't done yet, as he's set to lead out the Bolton Wanderers 6-a-side team at the Masters. The action in the Mersey heat happens on June 18th, and you can be there to watch it for only £5. Full line up after the jump.

Gavin Ward (gk), Scott Charlton, Julian Darby, Scott Green, Nicky Spooner, Jay Jay (so good they named him twice) Okocha, David Lee, and Owen Coyle. And Ivan Camp Twitter account that may or may not actually be Ivan Campo is claiming that he too will be playing, but I haven't seen any reliable source reporting it. I would very much like him to play though, as he was always a favourite of mine. The players are all subject to change, probably up to the last minute, so they can always throw Robbie Blake on if need be. He's old enough right?