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Friendly Scheduled with FC Tampa Bay- Unconfirmed

fctbI did an update about the friendly schedule just a couple days ago, but it looks like we may have a new addition already. While I have not seen anything about this match in the English press or from the Bolton side of things, the official Twitter account of American club FC Tampa Bay announced yesterday that a friendly with Bolton would happen mid-July. They also said that details (and presumably a confirmation from the Bolton side of things) would come early next week.

FC Tampa Bay are a side in the newly created NASL the second tier of American soccer, not to be confused with the NASL league that ended in 1984. They play at the Al Lang Stadium, with a capacity at just over 7,000. This stop on our American tour does make sense, as Tampa is only about 100 miles from already confirmed match in Orlando. Once again according to the FCTB Twitter account, Stu Holden has said of the match:

“I have told the guys all about FC Tampa Bay and how their fans love their soccer and their team"

I have a suspicion he is referring to the excellent supporters group, Ralph's Mob, who should ceratinly give the game some atmosphere. Unfortunately, I don't think there's a way that I can make the match, but if you can I highly suggest you go.