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Bolton's Fixture List 2011/12

Footy starved as we all are, I think we get rather more excited for the fixture list than we should every year. In the end, we are playing the same 19 teams we've been planning on playing, once at home and once away. Besides, the real intrigue of fixtures comes when you add in all of the cup matches. That said, we should be able to get some good small club conspiracy theories out of this. That should entertain us for a while, right? For the full fixture list, mosey on over here. For my comments, click the jump.

Well really, how do they expect us not to come up with conspiracy theories with a start to the season like that? Our first fixture, away to QPR is alright, but the next 6 games brings the Big Four plus Manchester City, which will be a very difficult run. It must also be noted that in January, we will have to face Manchester United, Liverpool, and Arsenal all in a row. Our Boxing Day fixture is at home to Newcastle, which could be quite good, and our final match is away to Stoke. Coyle better be ready to come out of the gates full steam ahead, because a bad start could leave us playing catch up for the rest of the season.