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Owen Coyle Scores a Goal, or Four

We really have the greatest manager of all time. He's witty, he's adorable, even his signature is wholly lovable. In fact, I thought I couldn't love him anymore, but I was wrong. Today he lead out Bolton Wanderers as captain in the Merseyside Masters. I think I actually got quite a bit more excited about it than the occasion warranted, but I am really missing my Wanderers. While we lost in the final, we beat both Tranmere and Wigan to get there, and even put in some nice goals while we were at it.

There's no question that the first match against Tranmere was the highlight of the event for me. Coyle opened up the scoring early, and Tranmere got a goal right back. Halftime arrived, and the score remained at 1-1. After the break however, Coyle had no intention of letting it stay that way. He went on to score three more goals, Tranmere equalised twice but in the end couldn't keep up. 4-3, three points to the mighty Wanderers and quite a bit of pride to Owen Coyle. He may be 44, but he's still got that sweet touch.

The next game brought Wigan and their pies. I didn't actually see any pies, but they must've been there. This match ended 2-1 to Bolton, with goals from David Lee and Simon Charlton, Charlton's being a particularly nice strike. This brought Bolton to the final, and a chance to go onto the Grand Final in Manchester. But Liverpool just proved too much, winning 5-1. As always, the Masters were fun to watch, especially Owen Coyle. Because you know what they say, he gets the ball and scores a goal, Owen Owen Owen Coyle