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Thoughts On Thiago

ThiagoAlcantara_Barcelona1Name: Thiago Alcantara
Age: 20
Height: 5'7"
Position: Midfielder
Current team: FC Barcelona

Rumor has it that Owen Coyle has eyes for young Spain and Barcelona midfielder Thiago Alcantara and would like nothing more than to bring him to the Reebok for his first taste of the English Premier League. Alcantara is an expensive proposition as the bid that Bolton will lodge has been tossed around at the £7 million mark. That's awfully close to the record transfer fee for one Johan Elmander.

Thiago is quick, very creative, and has an eye for that final ball that would cut through the defense or be on the receiving end of Alcsantara's laces on its way towards the goal mouth. In 20 appearances for the full Barcelona team, he's netted 4 times. That ratio, and hell, that total, is better than Muamba and Mavies' BWFC careers combined. Thiago made his full Barcelona debut at the tender age of 18. However, he has threatened to leave Pep Guardiola's side if he is not guaranteed regular time with Barca next season. Talk about a big ask.

Yet, there are a number of doubts about whether Bolton Wanderers even have a shot at landing young Thiago Alcantara. The sense around many of our supporters is that the signing is a bit of a pipe dream much like Miguel Veloso was for Megson. All I know is that Alcantara is a very exciting prospect and the asking price looks to be just a fraction of his potential worth.

Before you make a judgement, make sure you watch Thiago's highlight reel: