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Stu's Shenanigans

stu jortsWe all must find ways to entertain ourselves in the offseason. Some turn to other sports, pick up crochet, or run a footy academy in Iceland. Other's such as the ever entertaining Stuart Holden, turn to American soccer to fill their time. While working on his rehab in America, Stu took sometime to support his home league and attended the Philadelphia Union-Sporting Kansas City match. Not only did he pay a visit to the supporters group, Sons of Ben, he played the drum, did a little dance, and whipped a scarf around his head. He won't be on Dancing with the Stars any time soon, but it was a nice gesture. We won't even discuss the jorts. Video and some actual news can be found after the jump

Meanwhile, today Coyle said some wise words about the America. Stu's original target was to be back by mid-September, but Coyle says it could be October.

“He's optimistic and he is improving no doubt about it but we have to make sure we pick the right moment to bring him back and not push him at all... Let's not get away from it, we've all seen the effect not having him in the team had on us last season...You just don't realise just how much they bring to your team until they are not there.”

While we're all dying for Stu to make his return, it is important that he doesn't come back to early as he could do even more damage. Meanwhile, he can wear his jorts in peace.

Picture via Stu's Twitter, video via our good friends at the Brotherly Game.