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Don't Fret, Young One

Bolton fans, players, and manager alike all expect a number of new players at The Reebok by Summer's end. The first will likely be Darren Pratley who is said to have agreed personal terms with the Wanderers and will be officially announced on July 1st, coinciding with the calendar start of the silly season.

Many supporters have bemoaned the lack of new faces at the Reebok. Alas, Saint Owen has told the fans not to fret by announcing that the signings will come... just not all at once. The current rumor has it that Coyle wants to bring in six new faces. This begs a simple question: where is the money coming from?

It's no secret that Bolton aren't a rich club with a Sheik, chicken kingdom, or enterprising Americans pumping in funds from behind the seasons. While we don't have to worry about Pratley's transfer fee as he's on a free, the fact of the matter is that Wanderers very likely must sell in order to bring new names to the club. We've all heard the rumors fo what's been more than six months now about Gary Cahill going to one of the clubs that finished top-six at season's end. Cahill still demands a pretty penny in what will likely be a cash and player swap deal with whatever English giant bites.

Gary Cahill is our transfer catalyst. Saying that sucks. Cahill has quickly become a Bolton legend but the time has come to reap his benefits and sell while the price is high and the going is good.