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African Trialist to Arrive at Bolton

matt rusikeWho needs Danny Sturridge when we could have Matthew Rusike? The words on everyone's lips, I'm sure. Of course, that's right after the say "Matthew Rusike who?" Well, the answer to that isn't entirely clear, as I'm fairly sure he doesn't have a Wikipedia page and how else am I supposed to gather information about anyone? What I do know is that he's a striker for South African team Jomo Cosmos, plays and scores for the Zimbabwe U23s, and has quite a bit of skill on the wing. He was due to travel to Bolton for a trial after the Zimbabwe U23 clash with South Africa, which was lost 2-0. Obviously, I don't know very much and I can't imagine Owen knows much more, but he looks like he might have a good foot on him, and he would be cheap. I hope the trial goes well, lord knows we need strikers.