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SWP Might Want Us. Do We Want Him?

The Bolton News has come out with info that Zat Knight's good friend Shaun Wright-Phillips wants to come to good old Bolton Wanderers Football Club. With him, SWP would bring a load of questions centering around his cost, ability, and how well he would fit into the team.

It's no secret that Shaun Wright-Phillips' wage demands are, to say the least, high. That's what a history of playing at Chelsea and Manchester City will do to a player. Despite his high cost, Knight believes that SWP would play at a cut price if it meant regular first-team football, something that he has not really had in two years. Which brings us to the question of his playing ability.

Wright-Phillips rose to prominance as a pacy little winger. The key word there is "little" as his 5 foot 5 frame is, and there's no otner way to put it, tiny. His current ability is a big question mark at this point. SWP could come into the side and make an instant impact much like Chungy has or be largely expensive and fairly useless like Martin Petrov has been for a large part of his short BWFC career.

We'll have to wait to see if Shaun Wright-Phillips figures into Owen Coyle's plans for the upcoming season but it looks to be a gamble, especially if the price is right.