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Ricketts Takes His Time

DV888197We were all disappointed when Sam Ricketts ruptured his Achilles last February. It's no secret that our squad has the depth of a kiddie pool, and Ricketts was starting to look quite good as well. Well that was four months ago, and while Sam has made a lot of progress, thanks to an interview with the official site, it's clear he still has a long way to go. I had been hoping he would be fit for the start of the season, right back is a position we desperately need competition in, because as solid as Gretar is, his performances have been more and more uninspiring. I haven't seen a concrete date, but I would guess mid-September based on things he said.

Ricketts revealed that he not only needed to heal the physical injury, but relearning walking and such. He, like Stu Holden, went to the States for part of his rehab. This involved a lot of work in the pool, and running on a modified treadmill at 20% body weight. He's got walking now, but 20% body weight means real running is still a ways off. Ricketts himself said

"Of course I want to be back among the lads and out there on the field. I could probably rush things and get back by the start of the season but I'm looking long term. Taking those extra few weeks will be worth it."

He is, of course, right about not rushing back, but I do wish that tendon would hurry up!