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Taylor to Join Bolton Lite?

62896701You've heard all the jokes already, but that won't stop me from making them. Ever since Sam Allardyce took over at West Ham, it seems that he's been trying to recreate his glory days at Bolton by snapping up Bolton players. It appears he's now trying to snag a certain Matty Taylor for somewhere in the region of £1-£2.2mil. Both West Brom and Stoke have previously expressed interest in Taylor, but by the sound of it Big Sam is willing to offer the big bucks.

While it seems to be a popular move amongst Bolton fans, I'm not so sure. It's well known that Matty hasn't been his best since about 2009. In fact last season, it was unclear whether he or Petrov was our first choice, although it was clear neither was wholly satisfactory. I have always liked him, and unlike other players, it's always clear that he's trying, but he just might not be good enough anymore. At 29 his legs aren't getting any younger and now could be a good time for him to move on to greener pastures in the south.

The question then becomes can we do without him? Petrov hasn't exactly wowed us, and I certainly don't feel comfortable with just him on the left. If we do sell Taylor, we had better use that money to shore up our squad.