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Bolton Wanderers Q & A: Kevin Davies

After the Houston Dynamo - Bolton Wanderers match, Matilda and I had the opportunity to speak to a number of Bolton players and Owen Coyle. Rather than pick out certain quotes to give you, we've decided to post the entire transcript.

Hit the jump for our short chat with Kevin Davies:

Q: On your goal, the ball kind of just ran through for you. What were you thinking as it got to you?
A: Hope for the best, really. The manager encourages us to get into those positions. Decent ball across and the defender got a bit lost in it and it came through to me and I tapped it in. Pretty simple goal.

Q: This is a different atmosphere than what you're used to playing in. With the heat and humidity, how did it feel out there?
It's tough. Orlando was tough and coming here it seemed even warmer. It's difficult to work in but the manager feels we can benefit from the work we put in here and take it back to benefit the start of our season.

Q: What are your goals for next season?
To just improve on last season, really. We went to the semifinal of the FA Cup and in the top 8 for most of the season, fell away in the last four or five games so that was disappointing. We want to get off to a good start, try to get to the top ten and stay there this year.

Q: What was the difference in the way you played Houston and Orlando versus the way you played Tampa Bay in the first game?
We didn't play any differently. You know, we play a certain way and it worked. It's obviously a higher standard. I thought we gave a good account of ourselves and started the game very well and made it difficult. I was impressed with Houston, thought they were a good side. We managed to get two goals so we're pleased with the win.