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Bolton Wanderers Q & A: Stuart Holden

After the Houston Dynamo – Bolton Wanderers match, Matilda and I had the opportunity to speak to a number of Bolton players and Owen Coyle. Rather than pick out certain quotes to give you, we’ve decided to post the entire transcript.

Hit the jump for our short chat with Stuart Holden:

Q:How is the leg and everything?
A:Good, I was juggling at halftime. Probably a couple of weeks away from running and after that it's how quickly I progress on the grass. Im working hard every day and theres no set time limit. Im getting there and hope to be back on the pitch soon.

Q: How soon is soon for you?
Not soon enough. I wanted to be playing tonight and just sitting on the bench was killing me. I do every little thing I can do and I'm hoping for September, maybe October. It doesn't matter to me, whenever I can get fit, no need to rush it and just make sure I'm right because I don't want to get straight back into injury

Q: How did it feel being back home and sitting on the opposite sideline?
It was weird and sitting in the press conference across from Ching and Brad and those guys. I really want to thank the fans for the reception they gave me tonight. Everywhere I walked they were giving me standing ovations and screaming my name. Some of the guys next to me said it must be cool to come back home. I couldnt have said it better because to come home and get that kind of reception really touched me. I consider Houston home and thank the fans for all their support.

Q: What did the other guys think of Houston, did they say anything?
They lost about 9 pounds of water weight but they enjoyed it. Once again, it was a great turnout tonight, better than expected because we had smaller crowds the last two games and the Houston team, they're a hard working team obviously and they didn't play their strongest lineup. The guys really enjoyed their stay and have prepared themselves well. We're back to England on Friday and getting ready for the season.

Q: Do you have any personal goals for the season?
Yeah, to score a few more goals. First and foremost I want to get back on the pitch. I want to get fit, playing and helping the team. I know my position's not guaranteed so it's not like I'm coming back from injury and going to be put straight into it. I gotta earn my place and that's a challenge I'm looking forward to again. It gives me motivation knowing what I did last season that i can go on and do that and do more than that.

Q: How's it been being back with the boys instead of working on rehab by yourself?
When I was away in the summer, it's tough because you're doing the stuff by yourself. Once you get around the guys and you join in on the banter, I think everyone knows that I don't shy away from a joke or two. To mix in with the guys and feel like part of the group again was a big part of that and for the manager to bring me on this trip and to be around everything in the States, especially coming back to Houston, it's really given me that much of a boost.