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Exits: Matty Taylor to West Ham

As I said previously, I've always liked Matty Taylor. Perhaps it's the fact that he's Matty and I'm Mattie. Regardless, he is now gone to West Ham for something around £2.4 million. Realistically this is a good move for both parties. Taylor's career at Bolton has been winding down for the past couple of seasons, and at 29 it's a good time for "a new challenge" as he put it. He'll bring quality and experience to West Ham and is a good acquisition for them. While I'm nervous about him leaving, our squad doesn't need to get any smaller, that is a good bit of cash and hopefully Coyle will be putting it to good use.

In a brief interview with the official site, Coyle pretty much echoed my views

"Matty is a good lad and he gave 100% for me during his time with us. But this was a very good deal for the football club and also for Matty himself. We wish him every success at West Ham United."

It was obvious that he did give his all every time he stepped on the pitch, unlike the more languid Petrov. Anyway I wish him all the best, and I will always remember him fondly.