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Another Long Term Injury: Chung-Yong Lee

The body part in question

The body part in question

Bolton played away at Newport County today. The Whites won 3-1 thanks to an own goal and two from Klasnic. The game, however, is not the issue at hand as another Bolton player was carted off the field with a potential long-term injury midway through the first half.

After giving Newport's Tom Miller a bit of a skill check, the midfielder went in hard on Chungy with a challenge that Bolton News writer Marc Iles described on Twitter as "Chung-Yong Lee nearly broke in two" and "heard a horrible crack." The physios treated the South Korean winger on the field for about ten minutes, giving him oxygen the entire time, before he was stretchered off the field with his right leg in a brace. It's important to say that nothing has been confirmed yet but reports and murmurs out of the dressing room all said that it looked broken. We'll keep you up to to date as details become available.

After the match, Owen Coyle said to the Bolton News:

“I'm not interested in views, the boy has got a really bad injury. It's as simple as that.
“He's at hospital now and as soon as anything happens, the doc will ring me with the severity of it.
“There is no doubt it is a bad injury. As soon as I know, I can let you know, but at the moment I cannot tell at this moment in time, although it certainly looks fractured or broken.
“I've got such a talented player, and one who will play on the world stage, and he has received a very bad injury. But that's all I am going to say. I'm not going into who did it or what happened or anything else. That's the last thing we need.”

Rest up Chungy. We need you back as soon as possible. An already tough start to the season has just been made tougher with the loss of the only other player who could consistently get good balls into the box last season.