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Obadeyi Extends Contract

obadeyiExtending your contract is obviously the cool thing to do at Bolton Wanderers these days. Following in the footsteps of Jussi and Gardner just 3 days ago, today striker Tope Obadeyi sign a one year extension on his contract. We haven't seen much of Obadeyi, he's only made 3 appearances for Bolton in total and has spent the last two years out on loan, first to Swindon Town, then Rochdale, then Shrewbury Town.

I've been saying for ages that our team has no depth, and that was the cause of ending last season with a whimper instead of the bang we built up to. While the injury of Stu Holden was the one that struck the most obvious blow, others (Knight, Ricketts, Mavies etc) certainly took their toll as well. Being a club like Bolton, we obviously don't have the funds to buy cover in every position, so we need to draw from the younger players who are already on our books, in the Reserves or out on loan. Enter: Tope Obadeyi. He is a striker and a left winger, two positions where we desperately need new blood. I honestly think this is a good bit of business, and while I have no idea whether he's ready for the Premiership, I'm excited to see what he can do in the preseason.