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Jussi on His Way Out?

Perhaps he doesn't like pink?

Perhaps he doesn\'t like pink?

I will not pretend to know the complications of football contracts. There is a lot of pleasing to be done for multiple parties, and striking that balance must be difficult. That said, the whispers that Jussi's contract talks are not going well are worrying. I think it will be time for him to move on (or retire) quite soon, but the fact is that right now we don't have reliable back up for him. Bogdan looks promising, but he's only 23 and doesn't have enough experience to be at the back of a Prem side. He isn't commanding enough in the box, and while that confidence will hopefully come, I wouldn't trust him now.

Jussi himself has been looking much shakier the past season or two, making too many mistakes that directly lead to goals. My ideal situation would be to phase him out slowly over the next couple seasons because Adam Bodgan isn't quite ready to fill his gloves yet. Owen Coyle, as always, seems unperturbed by the situation, saying

"It's like any negotiation, you can't just click your fingers and expect it to be resolved. Jussi Jaaskelainen has been outstanding for Bolton Wanderers and Bolton Wanderers have been outstanding for him. That's why it's a very good fit and I don't see that changing."

However, we do know that Jussi and Coyle have not always seen eye to eye. When he came in, Coyle brought his own backroom staff, reportedly sending Jussi's goalkeeping coach and mentor Fred Barber home. Jussi appears to have gotten his way eventually, as now both Barber and Coyle's man Hughes are listed as goalkeeping coaches. Jussi has to leave sometime, but it's clear that right now would not be ideal.