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Anyone But Him... Maybe

On his way to the Reebok?

On his way to the Reebok?

The reports this morning regarding Bolton Wanderers have been conflicting as always. The Birmingham Mail suggest that Bolton are on the brink of signing striker Cameron Jerome from Brum while the Bolton Evening News suggests that Bolton are not interested in the striker. We’ve briefly covered the Cameron Jerome issue before but we’ll dive right back in.

All the reports suggest that Bolton will pay a fee of £3.5 million up front that could increase to a staggering (considering what we’d be paying for) £6 million based on appearances and performance. Should BWFC sign him, that price could remain low as his goalscoring record isn’t fantastic with just 3 goals in 23 Birmingham City appearances. There may be an up side to him, however, as he is a pacy attacker, which would actually work quite well with Kevin Davies’ ability to flick the ball on.

I tried looking for highlights of Cameron Jerome to back up my claim but he appears to be fairly non-existent. Still, for evidence of any of my claims, have a look at least season’s FA Cup win against Burmingham City where Jerome managed to run rings around David Wheater. The price is admittedly high but this is down from the £7 million that Brum were demanding at the start of the summer transfer season and if Jerome performs well enough to meet the demands that will raise the transfer fee, who are we to complain?