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Wylde Bid Rejected

Ally is not havin' it

Ally is not havin\' it

Well, I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is that we are actually making bids on real, live players who might consider playing for Bolton. The bad news is that we're getting rejected. Ally McCoist, manager of Glasgow Rangers has confirmed that Bolton made a £400k bid for 20 year old Gregg Wylde. Wylde is a left sided midfielder and can also play at left back. While I have not seen him play, I do think that is an area of weakness for us, as both Petrov and Robinson leave something to be desired and who knows where Alonso will be in 6 months. Unfortunately, it was not to be, and McCoist has said "any further bids we receive for Gregg will not be welcomed either."

I'm not too gutted about this, partially because I don't know much about him and I think that spelling his first name with 3 g's is silly. Regardless, this is a step in the right direction. When making transfers, I would much rather be getting young, exciting but unproven prospects, than players heading toward the end of their careers like we've been doing lately. Gary Cahill is an excellent example of this approach working, and it's fitting that he has come full circle and is now expected to be one of the biggest transfer moves ever leaving Bolton. Let's hope that OC has more transfer tricks up his sleeve, as our squad desperately needs it.