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We Present: the Lion of Vienna Suite

Owen Coyle is happy to be here!
Owen Coyle is happy to be here!

I would like to welcome you to the Lion of Vienna Suite, SB Nation's one and only blog about the mighty Bolton Wanderers. We were formerly Bolton Offside, and we will import the archives as soon as possible. Basically, it's the same Mark and Matilda from the old site but now we have lots of awesome new features to play with, and there are some for you, dear reader, as well. We are new to the SB Nation community so please bear with us as we acclimate to our new toys. If you're new too, click through for a quick overview of the cool new things you can do!

SB Nation puts a big emphasis on the community. This blog is meant to be a place that fosters discussion and interaction amongst the fans (you!), so there are lots of ways for you to get involved. In order to do so you will either need to set up an SB Nation account (which is very easy), or connect through Facebook, Yahoo! ID, or Open ID. Once you've done that, you can contribute to the comments, you'll notice that they're much better designed for conversations. Next, and possibly my favorite, is the FanShot. If you have stumbled across an interesting story from another site, or a cool Youtube video, or an excellent quote from St. Owen (he is very chatty), or just anything else you want to share really, you have the ability to do so with the community. You'll find the link to composing one in the top right in a pretty blue box. If you have something more in depth to say, and there isn't a relevant post to comment on, you can use the FanPost feature, which you'll find right next to the FanShot. These will not automatically show up on the front page of the blog, but we the managers have the ability to promote anything we find interesting that we want to make sure everyone else sees. You can easily find your way to everyone else's FanShot/Posts through the links on the right hand sidebar. 

That's just a brief summary of the new features based on my own (limited) knowledge. We hope to make this one of the best Bolton communities on the internet, and we hope that you're as excited about the new site as we are. Be patient with us as we get the hang of this, and please comment any improvements you'd like to see, or anything you think we're missing. We want this to be a place where we hear from you as much as you hear from us, this is your blog too. That does mean that you need to be respectful, so please do read our Membership Agreement and stick to it.  With that said, let's get started!