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Add Another to the List: Alonso Out- UPDATED

This is something he won't be doing for a while
This is something he won't be doing for a while

Knowing our luck of late, when Marcos Alonso was subbed off just after halftime in yesterday's cup-tie, most Bolton fans expected the worst. Well this pessimism is now vindicated, as today Alonso announced via Twitter that his 5th metatarsal was broken, and he is going into surgery soon. This is our 3rd broken bone in just over 3 weeks, and as a Twitterer pointed out, one really has to question the calcium intake of Bolton players. The prognosis is 6-8 8-12 weeks means the already shallow squad just got a bit shallower. While he was replaced at the time with Adam Blakeman, the reality is that Blakeman is still a reserve player, and we now have exactly 1 left back and 1 left winger. With Chungy's injury, we only have 1 right winger, and in Steinsson we have a partially injured right back. And we're only 3 games into the season, I shudder to think what March will look like.

However, we shouldn't despair just yet, although it would be the Bolton way. The transfer window is not over, and Coyle is no fool. He knows perfectly well that he doesn't have a lot to work with right now, hopefully this will translate into a few last minute swoops. He has also been incorporating the reserves into the squad a lot more, as evidenced by the preseason games and the Carling Cup tie. Obviously they aren't immediately ready to fill the relatively big boots of our first teamers, but it is a clear sign that Coyle is looking at his squad and looking toward the future. Get well soon Marcos!