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He's Back (Kinda)!

Guess who's back!
Guess who's back!

It's been a long road to recovery for Stuart Holden ever since Jonny Evans dug his studs into the American midfielder's knee on March 19, 2011. From running on anti-gravity bubble treadmills to playing a little FIFA and saying his thank you's to the Bolton Wanderers Supporters Association, there's been quite a bit of hard work. However, in the wake of the tough 3-1 loss to Liverpool, there comes some good news.

According to rumors on Twitter and later confirmed on Holden's personal account, our midfield dynamo will be making a huge step in his recovery process when he steps onto the pitch for the first time in a competitive fashion as Bolton Wanderers Reserves take on Fulham reserves tomorrow (Tuesday). The move represents a huge step in the recovery process for Stu as it means he will soon be back to full match fitness and being the quietly brilliant engine in the midfield that he has proven to be in his time at Bolton.

Johan Elmander's hot streak at the start of last season was due largely to the balls played to him out of the center of the park and with someone to provide again, it takes a big weight off Super Kevin Davies' shoulders. Ivan Klasnic has scored three goals in the first three games and with someone able to play a decent ball into the box, that number could well be on the rise as our Croatian goal poacher has a go whenever there's even a sniff of goal. Hurry back, Stu and in the words of a famous holographic princess, you're our only hope.