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Spurs "Locked In" Talks Over Cahill

He's definitely thinking about Cahill right here
He's definitely thinking about Cahill right here

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In typical 'Arry style, despite having the whole summer to do so, Spurs have reportedly just now entered talks for Cahill. After the Wenger debacle, which is still ruffling the feathers of Bolton fans, it was almost a scripted move for Spurs to join the hunt. Both sides could use some help in the defense, as between them they conceded 13 goals over the weekend.

Reportedly Arsenal have raised their original offer of £6mil to £10mil, which Spurs will have to compete with. It's rumoured that they're offering a player plus cash deal, including Bassong, which would be ideal for Bolton as our squad doesn't really have the numbers to be giving anyone up. The chance of anyone meeting Cahill's (rather large) price tag of £15mil is small as Manchester City are completely uninterested

Fans (and the writers of this blog) are split as to whether we should actually sell him. The pro-sale camp (aka-me) cites the fact that he only has one year left in his contract, and the fact that his value is only likely to go down from here. In January clubs are unlikely to shell out for a player they could get for free 5 months later. If pulled off this would be a transfer coup as we purchased Cahill on the cheap three years ago, and helped mold him into an (intermittent) England international. Transfers of this kind are exactly what a club like Bolton should be aiming for.

However, the other side disagrees. Last night my coblogger Mark pointed out on our Twitter* "The last time we got 10 million + from a transfer, we spent it on Elmander." This is an indisputable fact, although one would hope that Coyle would be a little more wise and wouldn't spend all of his cash in one place (this is assuming he has time to spend the cash). It's also true that our squad is paper-thin. The fact that we're already partially debilitated by injuries 4 games into the season does not bode well for our March.

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For a Spurs perspective on this, check out our friends at Cartilage Free Captain. I cannot wait for this particular saga to be over one way or another, and I'm sure poor Gary feels the same