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You Again: Bolton Draw Arsenal Away in the Carling Cup (Including Twitter Reaction!)

OC can't wait for another trip to London!
OC can't wait for another trip to London!

In a rather typical turn of events, Bolton's Premiership Carling Cup run continues as the fourth round draw sees us going away to Arsenal. The match will take place sometime during the week of October 24th, which puts it between hosting Sunderland and visiting Swansea in the league, which isn't so bad really. Our reaction and the best of Twitter below the jump!

While a lot of Wanderers are going the doom and gloom route, I'm not so sure. The Carling Cup is an ideal place to beat Arsenal. While I obviously would've preferred Crystal Palace or (dare I say it) Aldershot, we could've had a worse draw, like Manchester United. Those counting us out now forget the nature of the Carling Cup, especially how bigger teams treat it,




And finally, a funny little thing tweeted before the draw


So what do you reckon? Have Bolton lost before kick off, or is there a mini-upset in the making?