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Wanderers Facing Contract Crunch

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It appears as though a number of key Bolton players will have their contracts run out at the end of the season. These players have featured prominently and have all been essential to the senior side since Owen Coyle took the helm. The players in question are Gary Cahill, Jussi Jaaskelainen, Zatyiah Knight, Paul Robinson, and Kevin Davies. If nothing changes, they are set to leave on a free at the start of the summer transfer window. Some of these players are getting quite old and aren't their former selves which begs the question: who do Bolton try to re-sign?

Now, don't start worrying just yet as the team have yet to start negotiations with these players as they'd like to get the transfer market and the poor run of form behind them before contract talks begin. It's been reported that Coyle will hand the negotiation lead to Phil Gartside who won't find it easy. Bolton's wage bill has reportedly shrunk in the last few seasons.

Now back to the original question, who are we excited to keep and who do we not care about going? Let's hear your opinions in the comments.