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Bye Bye Baby: Stu Holden Out. Again

I know sweetie, I know.
I know sweetie, I know.

Remember how joyous we all were at the return of Stu Holden? Remember how it seems like the team actually played well when he was there? Remember the hair? Well that's gone for another 6 weeks now. This afternoon he had what is reportedly a routine post-op operation, that was originally scheduled for next summer but had to be moved up. Without being too melodramatic, this is actually terrible news. The team has been stagnating and running out of ideas waiting for him to come back and now he's gone again.


Coyle didn't have much to say on the matter, he just stated the facts and added
"Our prime concern has always been Stuart's welfare and his long-term health and fitness."

Which is as it should be, but still frustrating that his long-term health and fitness is taking so long to secure. While I don't want to panic, things certainly aren't looking up yet. Something's gotta give.