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Yep, There's a Bolton Meme

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As fans of Bolton Wanderers, we only have so many options for how to act during this poor start to the season. We can:

1) Get into the fetal position and cry in the corner.

2) Be optimistic and hope for the positive results sooner rather than later.

3) Have a laugh at the situation and know that we can only go up from here.

We've chosen to open Door Number 3 and create a Bolton Wanderers internet meme so that we can poke fun at our own misery. There are two installments so far and we'll be sure to add more in the future to our Tumblr.

If you feel like giving it a go, feel free to create your own and post the link in the comments section. If we get enough people submitting the meme, we can post them as a weekly feature.