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Too Good To Be True Transfer Rumor of the Day

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Sky Sports reported yesterday that Stoke City are keeping an eye on Paul "Left for Dead" Robinson. Stoke have had issues at the left back position and are said to be looking at Paul Robinson to provide an option at the position for them. Sky also said that Bolton are likely to let him go.

Take him. Take him on a free. Hell, we'll pay you to take him.

Robbo has built a reputation as a "no nonsense" defender that will go in hard on a tackle. While his passion is often unquestioned, it's that passion that often gets him into trouble. He'll wander deep into the midfield to try to make a tackle, miss said tackle, and be far too slow to get back into position. This often leads to a goal against the Wanderers as the opposition has grown accustomed to doing most of the work down the easy to win flanks.

With Samuel Ricketts making his return yesterday against Wolverhampton and showing that he was more than capable on the left side of defense and Marcos Alonso's most recent injury just a temporary setback, the Bolton defense actually looks like it will pick up strength.

Paul Robinson is 33 years old at this point and his better years are almost certainly behind him. He's had his good moments in a Bolton shirt but that time has likely passed. If Stoke actually do want him, we wouldn't be very gutted with him leaving at this point in time. Any money we get for him would honestly feel like a bonus.

source: Sky Sports