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Tim Ream Granted Work Permit, Close To Signing On Dotted Line

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We know how dangerous news via the Twitter is (especially with this Sky Sporks News crap going around that everyone is so quick to believe and share) but we're here to bring you some more news straight from ye olde Twitter. According to Ian Dennis of the BBC, Tim Ream has been granted a work permit to play for Bolton Wanderers Football Club.

BBC sport understands Bolton Wanderers have been granted a work permit for Tim Ream. #BWFC #MNC
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While this is the biggest roadblock to Tim Ream actually joining Bolton, the deal is by no means actually done. Neither Bolton Wanderers nor Red Bull New York are confirming the deal as of yet but hopefully the news will come sooner rather than later. The transfer fee is rumored to be somewhere between $2.5-3 million, making Ream the most expensive defender to come out of Major League Soccer.

This lovely little bit of information comes hot on the heals of a number of other transfer rumors that includes Bolton Wanderers being in for players like Sebastien Le Toux, Giovani Dos Santos, and Ismael Bangoura among others. Hopefully this is the beginning of a number of signings that will see some new players wearing the white shirt.