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Sebastien Le Toux's Transfer Looking Less and Less Likely

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A friend of a friend who knows a guy that's friends with someone else's brother that is close to the situation has told us not to get our hopes up about the Sebastien Le Toux transfer. When asked if the source was a trusted one, we were told that they'd bet on it.

Sources at had reported that Le Toux's trial had gone well but contradicting quotes from SportingLife suggest otherwise. This isn't the end-all however as SportingLife appears to be the only outlet with this quote. We have no idea if it's an actual quote from Owen Coyle but it would certainly weigh in on the situation.

"Sebastien came in for a couple of days, and to be fair to him he hadn't trained for four or five weeks. He did fine and that's where it is. We'd have probably needed a longer look."

It doesn't sound so peachy anymore. Other sources had Le Toux's transfer value pegged at somewhere around the $2.5 million mark (around the same that we signed Tim Ream for) which, in this writer's opinion, is high for a 28 year old who hasn't spent much time in the world's best leagues. We'll monitor the situation closely but the way it looks right now, don't hold your breath.