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Kevin Davies Set to Stay at Bolton

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This summer, the Kevin Davies transfer rumour was surely one of the most risible of the window. When little birdies began whispering about SKD moving to Sunderland a few days ago, it actually seemed rather plausible. His contract runs out at the end of this season, meaning if Bolton want to sell him, now's the time to do it. However it seems that Davies is set to extend his contract with his long time club.

It must be admitted, Kevin Davies has not had the most spectacular season. He's only scored 2 goals and gotten 2 assists in the league. To put that into perspective, since joining in 2003, he's scored 64 goals in 303 appearances. But since the departure of Kevin Nolan, former Bolton captain, SKD has worn the armband and proven himself an invaluable leader. He may not be the most talented player in the Premiership, but his clear passion for the game and the club makes up for it.

Kevin Davies has a lot of critics, but this season for the first time, there was an increasing number of them within the club. Losing him would mean losing a lot of intangibles that would be tough to replace, especially when considering the fact that the Trotters have already lost a major leader this transfer window in Gary Cahill. There's a reason he's been ubiquitously known as Super Kevin Davies, and his place is at Bolton.