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MOTM: Gary Cahill

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I am by no means the biggest Gary Cahill fangirl in the world. In fact, I've often said he was overrated and advocated selling him. While I'm not taking that back, it must be said that in a team that hasn't had much going for it this season, Gary Cahill has been one of the most reliable players, despite having one of the hardest jobs. Yesterday he didn't have to play the hero as much as he is maybe used to, but none the less it was an inspiring performance from the captain of the hour.

Perhaps it was because the back four as a whole was more competent with the inclusion of Sam Ricketts, or maybe it was because Bolton were on top for a lot of the match, but whatever the reason Cahill was caught out of position much less this match than usual. On top of his solid play throughout the match, he scored a goal that a striker would be proud of. It's hard to argue with that.