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Ivan Campo's Twitter Feed Last Night Was Magically Good

The central defender (that couldn't really defend in the center) turned holding midfielder was on his Twitter account late last night. He said that he would do anything to help the club, all he needs is a call from Big Phil! Of course, because Ivan Campo's account is not verified, there is the outside chance that it is a parody but still great nonetheless.

Denis Doyle/GettyImages

Ivan Campo was part of the golden age of Bolton Wanderers. He came to the Reebok Stadium in 2002, then 28 years old, on loan from Real Madrid before signing a three year deal in the following summer. In total, Campo spent six seasons at the Reebok and made over 180 appearances for the whites. Famously, he said that one of his biggest regrets was not being able to give Bolton fans a proper goodbye after leaving following the 2008 season.

Last night, he sent out a couple tweets, exclaiming (many times, with caps lock on) how all he wants to do is help his beloved Bolton Wanderers Football Club:

For the love of all things good, someone get the man a job! I don't care if it's setting out cones, folding vests, or being the club's official hair consultant.

Of course, we have to post a video of his screamer against Tottenham in 2006: