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Fabrice Muamba To Meet With Sepp Blatter, Hopes To Get FIFA Job

One of the biggest questions surrounding Fabrice Muamba following his early retirement earlier this year was just what it was he was going to do now. The big man now plans to meet with FIFA head Sepp Blatter in hopes of getting a job at FIFA house.

Michael Steele - Getty Images

We waited with baited breath as Bolton Wanderers announced Fabrice Muamba's retirement from professional football this summer. Many were sad to see the young player, who had finally started to find his feet, be forced into retirement but there was the understanding from just about everyone that it would allow him to lead a healthy life. After Fabrice's collapse at White Hart Lane last March, the whole of the Bolton fan base wanted him to just be OK more than anything.

Fab now has plans to release an autobiography (cover below, notice that he's wearing a Bolton shirt) and is looking to start a career on the politics and decision-making side of football.

Speaking to the Associated Press at the Leaders In Football Conference earlier on Wednesday, Muamba said:

"I like this kind of side of it, making decisions. Funnily enough I have a meeting with Sepp Blatter ... hopefully he can get a job for me."

That meeting is scheduled for the 30th of October at FIFA's headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. As part of the conversation, Muamba also provided an update on his health, saying that he is still dealing with memory loss:

"As far as I'm aware the doctor told me it would take me about a year for my memory to get back to normality, how it was before. So I have a slight problem with my memory. But I try not to think about it too much.

"I try to enjoy my life, enjoy my family and spend time with my family, and try to get on with things, because if you try to think about things too much you kind of draw yourself back into the whole position again."