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Burnley Chief Executive Says No Thanks, Coyle

And as quickly as the dream began, it now appears over as Burnley's Chief Executive has said that there is no way that Owen Coyle will be in the mix for Burnley.

Michael Regan - Getty Images

What you heard right there was the collective "aw, man!" from Bolton fans everywhere. Despite being the favorite in the betting, Owen Coyle will not be Burnley's next manager following Eddie Howe's departure from Turf Moor.

Speaking to Radio Lancashire earlier, Burnley Chief Executive Lee Hoos gave his thoughts on the Coyle possibility:

"Obviously I wasn't there when the whole Owen Coyle saga happened but I got enough feedback to know I just couldn't see a way back for that one.

"Being free and available is not necessarily the hallmark of what going for, it has to be the right person - the right man for right job at the right time."

And that's the end of that dream. Other favorites for the Burnley job are Mick McCarthy, Alex McLeish, and Michael Appleton among others. These are some of the same names in the running to succeed Coyle at Bolton Wanderers.