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Marvin Sordell Target Of Abuse Once Again

The England U21s secured their place at the 2013 European Championships. Connor Wickham's goal at the death, however, would not be the story of the match as abuse from all over the stadium would mar the occasion.

Photo by Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images

The young Lions' offensive pushes against Serbia were few and far between. Marvin Sordell started the match and hit the post early on but that was about it for the Bolton Wanderers man. Connor Wickham would play hero as he tapped into an empty net at the Serbian end with their goalkeeper nowhere in sight. Yet, as Wickham's ball crossed the goal line, it all kicked off at the Mladost stadium.

Danny Rose was sent off after the final whistle and indicated that the Serbian crowd were making monkey noises at him. Rose kicked the ball in anger and was shown his second yellow. The crowd then threw objects onto the field and at players while the Serbian players and coaches surrounded the England side and soon there were pushes and punches being thrown. There were supporters on the field and altercations popping up. Marvin Sordell once again found him in the center of the abuse as the young England men stood together and did not resort to the violence that their opposition did.

After the match, the focus moved to Facebook. On a Marvin Sordell fan page (not an official one so far as we can tell), someone took it upon themselves to a) Photoshop a terribly vile photo and b) post it on the aforementioned Facebook page. The photo had a caption of "dont f*** with the millwall" and featured a photo of Sordell with added blood and a handgun pointed at him. It was posted two days after Bolton lost to Millwall at the Den.

Meanwhile, the investigation into Sordell's original racist abuse claim at Millwall is still ongoing.