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Do or Die at the Reebok: Owen Coyle and Kevin Davies Have Their Say

The boss man and the skipper offer up some big words ahead of a big game.

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There is no doubting the importance of this match, both for the club and the safety of Owen Coyle's job. It's also not going to be an easy one, as Leeds are in-form and confident, after notching a few wins in a row, notably against Everton. Ahead of the match two of the most important figures in the club had some things to say. Coyle gets to go first:

It should be fantastic atmosphere. That's more what we are used to (4,500 travelling fans) and I think that will actually help us. I believe it will be a better game in terms of atmosphere from our fans too.

The supporters have put so much in and we are very fortunate that we do have a fantastic fan base. They support the club through thick and thin and they will be up for it tonight. We have to be the same on the pitch to put smiles on their faces.

This is absolutely vital. T'Reebok isn't exactly known for it's ringing support, but booing your club, no matter how terrible, is never a smart idea. On the opposition, Coyle said:

Neil (Warnock) is somebody who has served the game very well and loves the game. He is enthusiastic as ever and someone I have a lot of time for. There is no doubt his team will be fired up and passionate like him. They are coming off a good result against Bristol City at the weekend so we know it will be a tough game.

However, Warnock is not the only familiar figure coming to the Reebok tonight. Controversial figure and former Bolton player El Hadji Diouf signed for Leeds in August, and has so far been impressing. Kevin Davies had a wordabout his old teammate,

Interesting... He's a colourful character and played well for us overall. Towards the end, when we were fighting relegation, it turned a little bit sour for us. He wasn't quite doing things right off the pitch and we addressed it. But I've watched him recently and he's still doing the business and we know at this level he'll be a threat.

We know all about him. Back then we had him and Stelios playing for us. Some call it cheating, some call it cuteness, but we'll watch the videos and whoever is playing will know they have to stay on their feet and not dive in. I think he's lost a yard of pace anyway.

Surprised to see him? Well yes, under Warnock, after the old ‘rat' shout. Things are said in the heat of the moment, aren't they. But he's been a good signing so far. Watching them the other night the fans have taken to him. We know he's good on the ball and will get you free-kicks.

Bolton have had a nasty habit of giving away penalties of late, so that will be something to watch for. The club really can't afford to give away any more easy goals like that.

We'll look forward to seeing him. It's a big game against a big club.

It's been the story of our season, getting the momentum going and then taking a step back. We didn't get to our best against Crystal Palace but just getting a point would have kept the run going. You can talk about the two penalties but we can't blame referees. You have to be judged on your own game.

Everyone in there - players and staff - are completely frustrated because it's hard to pin down exactly what it is. The only thing we can be sure of is that we've got to do better and raise the standards.

If we think we can just turn up and win games, obviously we can't.

Let's see if we can do a little more than "just turn up". Come on you White Men!