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Phillips Confirms Freedman Approach While Crystal Palace Deny Dougie Permission for Bolton Talks

Houston --er... Horwich, we have contact. Yesterday, Bolton Wanderers made the fact that they have approached Crystal Palace to talk about their manager official and there were rumors of a lucrative deal. Today, confirmation and denial!

Paul Gilham

So it goes. Bolton Wanderers handed Jimmy Phillips a dream start on Saturday with a win at home over Bristol City to secure three points in his first outing as Bolton Wanderers manager. No one really knew how long the trio of Jimmy Phillips, Sammy Lee, and Julian Darby would last but it seems like their time in charge as caretaker managers is coming to an end sooner rather than later.

Speaking after the match, Phillips confirmed Bolton's approach for Crystal Palace manager Dougie Freedman:

"Phil said from the outset he'd be open and honest with us and he came to the training ground yesterday and said he had made contact with Palace to speak to Dougie Freedman.

"We've said all along, Phil and Eddie (Davies, owner) will be the people who pick the next manager of Bolton Wanderers.

"It won't be for anybody to put their names in the ring and suggest they want to be manager. In the meantime, we said we would work our hardest to get the best out of the players."

Meanwhile, Crystal Palace FC took to their official Twitter account to put in no uncertain terms that Dougie did not have the go-ahead: