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Jimmy Phillips Expects To Be In Charge At Middlesbrough This Weekend

With four points from two games and two gutsy fights back to get said points, Jimmy Phillips has had a good start at managing Bolton Wanderers. He'll get one more crack this weekend.

Chris Brunskill

It took a 90th minute leveler from Mark Davies to get Bolton Wanderers what was arguably a deserved point at Molineux. Whatever Jimmy Phillips, Sammy Lee, and Julian Darby are saying to the team at the halftime break is very clearly working wonders. Now, as far as they know, they'll get one more crack at management this weekend as Bolton take on Middlesbrough.

Speaking to the Bolton News after the match, Jimmy Phillips confirmed that he and Sammy Lee would still be in control of first team affairs come Saturday. The Bolton News reported that Phillips sounded disappointed at the leak out of Crystal Palace but was proud of the lads:

"They applied themselves very well, considering. The timing wasn't exactly great. But from the conversation I had with Phil I'll be in charge on Saturday.

"Reports have been leaked out from the Crystal Palace end but the deal hasn't been finalised between the two clubs and so as far as we know, we'll be taking the team to Middlesbrough."

He also said that he doesn't know where or even if he, Sammy Lee, and Julian Darby will fit into the side, though we sure hope that they still have a major part to play.

"I honestly don't, and it's not my decision. All I can say is that we've thoroughly enjoyed our time here and so far we've got four points from two games, which was the target set for Owen at the start of the season."