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Lawrence: Dougie Freedman "phoned to say it was all done."

Crystal Palace caretaker boss Lennie Lawrence is not sure what lies in his future but what he is certain of is that Dougie Freedman's move to Bolton Wanderers is "all done."

Alex Livesey

Lennie Lawrence took charge of Crystal Palace last night as they travelled to Barnsley's Oakwell Stadium without now-former manager Dougie Freedman. Glenn Murray opened the scoring for Crystal Palace but Barnsley's David Perkins scored with a brilliant left-footed, curling effort three minutes from time to rescue a point for the Tykes.

Much like Bolton's current managing set up, Lawrence has no idea about what lies in the future for him and whether or not Dougie Freedman will call upon him to move to Bolton Wanderers or if he will stay at Palace. Speaking after the Eagles' game last night, Lawrence said:

"He's kept us posted and he phoned to say it was all done and phoned to wish us well,"

"It's been a great experience working under him and it's been a terrific experience working at Crystal Palace Football Club.

"The owners have been very supportive and the whole thing's been terrific.

"Managers don't normally leave the club when they're in as good a state as we're in but it's going to happen."

Jimmy Phillips, Sammy Lee, and Julian Darby are still expected to be in charge of Bolton Wanderers this weekend at Middlesbrough as confirmation from Bolton Wanderers of Dougie Freedman's appointment still has not happened.