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VIDEO: Stu Holden Workin' it Out in Training

Stu's progress has been handily placed in video format by the club for your viewing pleasure

Chris Brunskill

It's far too easy to get lost in the Land of What If's when discussing Stuart Holden's health. It's not really something we want to visit, but it is blindingly obvious that Bolton Wanderers really missed their midfield dynamo in his lengthy absence, and his imminent return is very exciting. Stu Holden was the embodiment of everything that was right in that era of Coyle's Bolton. Young, energetic, perhaps slightly unrefined, but undeniably exciting to watch. And in the end, his injury was also proved to be the catalyst of the collapse of Bolton Wanderers.

He is returning to a very different Bolton than the one he was playing for in that terrible match at Manchester United. The club is in a different league, has a different manager, and very very different goals. It will be interesting to see how Holden fits into this new Bolton, how his talent will help Bolton's promotion push. Anyway, that's all still in the future, for now, here's a video of Stu in training, which is absolutely fantastic to see. Keep going Stu!