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Bolton MOTM v. Leeds United: Super Kevin Davies

Could it be anyone else?

Michael Steele - Getty Images

There are some Bolton matches that make it difficult to choose a MOTM because no player in particular distinguished themselves. There are some Bolton matches that make it difficult to choose a MOTM because so many players put in worthy shows, which are more fun to write, but none the less not easy. However, there are some when there is literally only one decision I could make. Last night against Leeds United, captain, legend, Mr. Bolton, Super Kevin Davies once again forced my hand.

It was an absolutely vital match for Bolton, and for some spells the team delivered and played some of the best football of the season. But throughout the entire match, whether things were going in Bolton's favour or not, Kevin Davies was putting in a classic SKD show. He has always been a controversial player, usually disliked by opposing fans for his physical, and slightly old-fashioned style. Against Leeds, he showed why he has been a solid favourite with the Wanderers faithful for the past 9 years.

The skipper scored both of the goals, both headers, that came from his innate ability to get behind the defense in the box, the tenacity to get on the end of crosses no other player can. His first goal came in the 14th minute, it lifted the team and gave them the confidence to put in one of the best halves of football they have the whole season. The second goal, in the 79th minute, rescued the result for Bolton and quite possibly Owen Coyle's job.

Kevin Davies is the type of player who will always have his critics, but last night showed while he has some of the most loyal fans in the modern game. Thank you, Super Kevin Davies.