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Kevin Davies Does Yoga To Stay Fresh, Hip, Cool, Hot In The Streets, And Ready For Match Day

The big man is apparently with the times and all that jazz. In a radio with the BBC, the world has learned that Kevin Davies does yoga in order to remain limber for matches. Go on, Kev!

Matthew Lewis - Getty Images

Seriously, how can you not like Kevin Davies? Sure, he has his critics for his physical style of target man play and he's not the youngest player at the club anymore. Yet, for nine years, he's been ever-present in the Bolton Wanderers lineup. There's no doubting the skipper's commitment to the team and his emotional investment in the side. Despite bagging the brace last night, we know he wasn't a happy boy about the result as he is known to live and die by Bolton Wanderers' results.

In an interview with BBC Radio Manchester following Bolton's 2-2 home draw with Leeds United, Davies revealed what it was that keeps him fresh and ready for every game:

"I've felt really good. I've been doing yoga for a couple of months now.

"We encourage some of the other lads to do it. There were about 12 at the start but there's only two or three now. It's just part of the recovery, like doing the ice baths and coming in on days off.

"It's giving me a chance to play in each game, and after last season, I'm pleased to have started every game this year."

Honestly, Kevin, keep doing what you're doing. The skipper has been playing excellent football this season (in fact, his best in years). We just hope that he looks more majestic than that time Stuart Holden posted a photo of the big man in a post-match ice bath.