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The Week That Was: A Look Back At The Previous Week's Most Important News

It becomes difficult to filter some of it out. While we love writing about and discussing Bolton Wanderers and try to cover everything from the youth team to transfer news to Kevin Davies doing yoga. This is why we have decided to introduce a new feature for you Lion of Vienna Suite reader, one that will cut through to the really important stuff that happened in the last week.

Michael Steele - Getty Images

This new feature will be a weekly addition to the site and will keep you informed about what's happening in the (sometimes) blisteringly busy world of Bolton Wanderers as it relates to the club, its players, and you, the fans. The story is organized using the story stream feature which will show each major happening as an update to the overall thread and will feature ten or so stories from each week. Don't be afraid to comment on the stories or in this thread itself.