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Freedman: Owen Coyle Encouraged Me To Take The Job

Dougie Freedman revealed in a radio interview yesterday that it was the former Whites boss that really sold the Wanderers job to him.

Not Dougie but close enough
Not Dougie but close enough
Chris Brunskill

Unlike Gary Megson, it seems that Owen Coyle didn't harbor hard feelings toward Bolton Wanderers. For all of his footballing faults, there was absolutely a place in Owen's heart for our beloved club. Dougie Freedman said in an interview yesterday that he spoke to Owen prior to taking the job and it was the former boss that really sold him on the position:

"Owen's a good man, I've known him for many years and he spoke very highly of the club," said Freedman,

"He was really thrilled that I got the call. He was, without pushing me towards the job, telling me just how good a club it was - how well it's run and not to always believe what you hear in the papers with the financial side.

"He said 'you've got a good squad - they are underperforming'.

"Over the years I've known him, knowing the way I do things, he thinks I'm a good fit.

"He had a lot of good words to say about the club. It's nice when you can talk to an ex-manager who doesn't really muddy the water and tells you how it is.

"I know he's a good man so that was important in my decision."

Dougie also responded to criticisms that he came to Bolton solely for a pay increase:

"I don't do this to prove people wrong,

"I find in life the only risk is not to take a risk, it's as simple as that.

"If I go through my management career never taking a risk then we may as well pack up right now. Everything we do is a risk.

"I've worked a couple of years in the Championship, produced a decent side who played good football.

"There were good youngsters in the team and we had a good atmosphere around the place, so that should hopefully give me the starting tools that I need to take this club forward."