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Freedman: "I'll Deal With" Players That Don't Care

Dougie is wasting no time in laying down the law. He, like everyone else, knows that Bolton's squad is underperforming and by some margin. He's looking to rectify that.

Chris Brunskill

The few interviews that Dougie Freedman did yesterday, after his official unveiling by Bolton Wanderers, he's made his feelings known. Freedman is looking to change the mentality of the squad and get them to perform at the standards that they should be at. There's no question that Bolton have one of the better squads in the Championship but are performing worse than teams promoted from League One.

"I just feel throughout the place the mentality isn't right. There has got to be a desire for success and I will be questioning everyone who comes into work around the club and find out where they are trying to head.

"Promotion is achievable if we work every single day to the standard I expect. These players have huge potential but for whatever reason it's not coming out right now.

"However, I am a young manager in a rush and I am very ambitious. Certain players maybe believe the club was made for them. And that certainly will change.

"My attitude is ‘you turn up for training on time with a smile on your face and you work'.

"Let me worry about the results, let me worry about the structure of the session, you worry about smiling and I think that is a good base to start with.

"Everybody is equal and will get the same time and same respect. I have got to get know these guys' characters and what makes them tick.

"If I think there are certain leaders missing, I will look to address that. I had a wonderful time at Palace and I have got good memories and am proud of what I have done.

"But it's the next chapter now and I think I have earned this job.

"I am really looking forward to testing my ideas to see if they work. Maybe they were a fluke and I have fluked it for two years."

For Bolton fans, this is very positive news as Dougie has made his intentions clear that he won't just let things lie. We have been saying for some time now that the players need a kick up the backside and hopefully Dougie is the man to do that.